‘A bustle in your hedgegrow…..’


To ‘The Mofman’ : here it is…šŸ˜‰

A Surfer’s Soul….


Dear fellow bloggers,

I wonder what 2018 would bring? With this opportunity I would like to convey my gratitude and appreciation to you all for your comments, likes and follows. Most importantly, WordPress has allowed me to share my creations and at the same time to come across creative beings around the world. To all of you, enjoy what’s left of 2017 and my best wishes for 2018.

Walking the edge!

mere ‘blueness’ within !!!

Angling for ‘HOPE’ ?

‘ Winter Blues ‘

My Winter ‘reading nook’ therapy.

Last Of The Summer Bliss

Baby magpie sunbaking in the backyard.

A baby magpie isĀ sunbathing in the backyard. Ā Ā 

A Long Way From Home ?


A Midnight Blues Rain

Midnight blues