finding my way…..

Just like with everything, i’m still finding my way through trial and error doing ‘wordpressing’. Huh!, definitely emphasise on the word ‘error’. For a few days now, i spent most hours getting familiar with what you can do with wordpress. It’s exciting learning ‘new’ thing but at the same time, apprehensive because you are entering the ‘global’ platform. Thus, i’m putting on gear 1 😉
One’s patience is very well tested and it’s worse when ‘loading’ seems to be taking forever more. But, giving up is not the preferred option. It’ll take time but not to worry as i don’t have a dateline to stress me out. Gosh, just recalling those days when one, on occasions, running like a headless chook to finish an assignment!! haha, now it’s ok to laugh about it though. Digressing 😀


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